Who is he?

A Canadian guru of the laid-back California lifestyle, Mike is an accomplished writer when he’s not summoning awesome garage guitar prowess or running around the woods, hiking, fishing and wrestling mosquitos. He’s been described as loyal, creative, generous and a beautiful guy by all of his friends after buying a round of drinks.

What can he do for you?

Write. Story Edit. Development. Teach you how to make goulash. Drink all of your good wine.

What does he want?

God-like powers, but he’ll settle for writing gigs, Cocoa Krispies and a hot tub.

What does he do?

Mike writes. A lot. Over 100 televised scripts, not to mention numerous bibles, pilots, development, story editing and even voice talent… one time… for an MTV pilot… many years ago… that never went anywhere.

Ideal Work

A project. Something that requires characters, stories, situations, new worlds to discover, silliness, mayhem but most of all, it has to be funny. Also, it would be nice to have a song somewhere in the middle of it.


Mike is a California-based, Canadian writer doing something he loves for over 15 years, most notably on award-winning cartoons like ‘Ed, Edd n’ Eddy’ and ‘Atomic Betty’. He’s also done creative development, bibles, story editing, video games and worked on many projects of his own, including live-action and feature scripts.

Mike has been nominated for a Leo Award for Best Screenwriting. Mike has worked and continues to work for some of the leading players in the animation industry, forging creative relationships with companies that include Disney Television Animation, Cartoon Network, Teletoon, YTV, Disney Mobile, Gaumont Animation, Big Bad Boo, Lego, Atomic Cartoons, Rainmaker, Bardel Animation, 9 Story and Aardman Animation. A prolific writer, Mike has over 100 aired episodes, 4 specials and a television movie under his belt, as well as contributing the odd voice talent or song as needed.


Mike never sought a career as a writer. Although there were perks, he couldn’t imagine delivering pizza for the rest of his life either. So at the age of 19, Mike packed his bag and a guitar and left for California. At least he tried to. He was detained at the airport. Apparently, long-haired poseurs were in no short supply at the time. Or like, ever.

He tried again with better results.

Alas, the life of a rock star eventually took its toll. Especially for one not even remotely close to, you know, being a rock star. Mike was forced to become an accountant. He was young, he… he needed the money.

A chance phone call led to a coveted Writer position on a new show called ‘Ed, Edd n’ Eddy’. Six seasons, four specials and a television movie later, the Eds would go on to be the longest-running Cartoon Network original series and Canadian-made animated series to date.

This led to the bible, pilot, story editor role and writing for ‘Atomic Betty’ followed by a slew of other productions ranging from television and features, reality, web, apps, console games and numerous letters for friends and relatives, all trying to escape the heavy hand of justice.